The Whispering Wall - Michel Wolman

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January 11 – February 1, 2011

The exhibition 'The Whispering Wall' exhibits sculptures made of compressed aluminum blocks, painted in enamel colors, created by Michel Wolman. Some sculptures are portraits; others are homage to different characters. Eighty-four blocks are placed together to form a wall that simulates the Western Wall, with a video projected on it.
Michel's sculptural creation is unique and wrapped in an ongoing experience: Michael mixes the aluminum objects together in a metal recycling site located in the city of Holon. Kitchen pots, bottles, filters and the like are transferred to a recycling machine that turns them into aluminum blocks, without losing their original character, partial filter handles of the forks still visible through the sensual folds of the metal.
From the site, Michel transports the blocks to his studio in Mapu Street, Tel Aviv.   There, he brings them to life...usually in the form of portraits of people who have passed through his life and affected him.
Michel Wolman talks about his work: "I touch the inanimate in order to give it back its movement; a 'dead object' for others, in my eyes takes on the whirlpool of life".
Michel adds: "Sculptures for me interpret pictures from life that speak to my heart; I find it difficult to call my work 'creation'.  I would call my sculptures, sketches or caricatures that surprise my thoughts as muses or revelations of abandoned rusty pieces of metal.  These generate in me the attitude and necessity to 'freeze' the image for a while in today’s world.  That is for me not 'style', 'trend' or 'fashion' but pure expression. Facial expressions, hands, movement as well as music, theater, memories and love - generate my attitude, and rather leave the domain of 'creation' to the 'One' who allowed me to illustrate these thoughts. In fact - nothing is nothing".
The exhibition is accompanied by music from a dance work by Moshe Efrati and a text by Esti Nandler.
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