Sixty Years of Painting - Mark Furman


March 7-30, 2014

The exhibition 'Sixty Years of Painting', which opened at Urban Gallery on March 7th 2014, was supposed to be only a landmark in Mark Furman's painting career, but unfortunately the artist passed away on March 21nd, 2014, while the exhibition displayed, making it a summary of the life and work of Mark Furman.

A quick glance at Mark Furman's paintings suffices to identify their artistic qualities. His classical technique and precise brushstrokes testify to many years of experience in academic studies, rooted deeply in the former Soviet Union.
Furman's works over recent years may be divided into three major styles: Judaica paintings, with themes such as the klezmer, Jewish wedding, and life in the shtetl; figurative paintings of Berlin in the 20s and 30s; and the most recent urban landscapes of Tel Aviv city streets.


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