Memmorandum - Ruth Orenbach

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June 27  – July 27, 2013

The exhibition "Memmorandum", which opened on White Night 2013 at Urban Gallery, tells the personal memoirs of Ruth Orenbach.
The exhibition brings to center the importance of memory as main raw material in Ruth's artworks. Memory and its ability to collect, store, and nurse in her mind the pieces, bits, crumbs and words, from her life experience and from the past. Exhibit paintings are influenced by the family album photographs, the second generation trauma, memory burned views, fairy tales and a girl's gaze into the past feeding her work.
From this hybridization she is going on a journey in time and constructing paintings. Paintings in which her mother and her children are painted staring straight to eternity, images in which she is dreamily wandering in the forests of snowy Carpathian Mountains, in them howling wolves, bears and rabbits are hunted. Each image is part of a long inventory list, memo of what was lost, what is and especially what not to forget.
She pours diluted oil paint on canvas, soaks and detracts, moving between and within liquidity and the random and meticulous. The papers she takes out into the rain and amid the pigments hustle, trying to capture the water gathers on the paper. After the paper dries out lesions and textures remains, which seem like a dry land and like walls that bear the marks of passing time.
Ruth Orenbach, born in the Soviet Union and immigrated to Israel at the age of 10, a member of The Visual Artists Union in Israel, working and teaching in a studio at the Artist's Center in Rishon Lezion.

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