ZamBura - Michel Wolman


October 31  – November 21, 2013

For five decades, Michel Wolman has been sculpting in metal. The exhibit "ZamBura", which opened at Urban Gallery on 31st October 2013, centers on the importance of metal in his life and work. The collection of assemblages and sculptures in the exhibit reflect his unique ability to breathe life into metal. His works were created from items collected from metal scrap yards, which underwent compression and insertion of new content. When Michel gives everyday items a new meaning, they become an extension of the artist himself. Indeed, the majority of his work deals with representation of homage and remembrance of people who had significant meaning in his life – in the past and present.
The exhibit comprises 17 sculptures created by Michel out of compressed bicycles, which underwent an acute transformation to become figures in his life. The use of the bicycle is also a facetious reference to the work of art that is considered the foundation of all conceptual art – Michel Duchamp's "The Bicycle Wheel" (1913).
In his series "Tin Men", created from humanized tin cans, Michel presents versions of self-portraits in various periods and stages of his life.
Michel Wolman was born in Paris in 1946, the son of Holocaust survivors. He spent his childhood in Normandy and Provence. At the age of 12 he was already painting Provence landscapes under the supervision of Grotte Mahé and the Duke of Lusignan in northern Nice on the Cote d'Azur.
In 1962 he studied at the Ecole des Art Appliqués and the National Louvre Museum School, both in Paris. In 1966 he served for a year and a half in the foreign legion of the French Army. In 1969 he immigrated to Israel and was adopted by Kibbutz Hulda, where he began sculpting in metal. In the early 70's he would build models for many artists such as Menashe Kadishman, Danny Karavan, Itzhak Danziger, and more, using his technical and artistic skills. Michel Wolman has been working since 1973.



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