Bijin-ga - Rachel Watzman


October 10  – November 29, 2013

The exhibit "Bijin-ga" which premiered at the Klein's design center in Jaffa on October 10 2013 featured 35 murals by artist Rachel Weizman.
For over 20 years, Rachel has been dealing with the woman as a primary muse and metaphorical and visual image. With her brush, she examines themes related to femininity such as maturation and the creation of beauty, the essence of feminine beauty and its place in the world of art.
In Bijin-ga, Rachel exposes the essence of genre "ukiyo-e" which depicts "beautiful women" in Japanese art. She draws her inspiration from the Shin-hanga movement which was active in the 20th century; a movement that changed the traditional stringent approach by merging Western painting with Japanese print procedures. This mold created an innovative style on the one hand, but also continued to express traditional views on the role of women in society on the other, thus creating a new kind of intriguing typology.
Rachel combines a variety of techniques to fill the canvas with sharp bold colors, creating Japanese figures which are amazingly precise and vibrant. In her creative process, she confronts these endless contradictions, and in her workspace, which is in spirit a micro-laboratory, she examines the principles of beauty in the art world while continuing to search for challenges.
Rachel is a businesswoman who has also been an artist for her entire life. Her artistic training was acquired with Amir Elkayam and Ofer Barazani. She studied at the Avni Institute, and the Camera Obscura School of Art. Rachel has presented at a number of exhibits in Israel and worldwide. Her paintings adorn the walls of prestigious hotels and art collectors around the world.


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