Kumbh Mela - Ziv Koren

April 25 – May 26, 2013

The exhibition Kumbh Mela opened at KLEIN'S Showroom in Jaffa on 25 April 2013, presented 45 photographs of photojournalist Ziv Koren, who photographed the world's largest human gathering, held this year.


Millions of Hindu pilgrims arrived Alahbad Indian religious festival on the occasion of "Kumbh Mela." The event, held once in 12 years, is the largest human gathering in the world, and during the 55 days of the festival to more than 100 million people are expected visit the city.
According to Hindu belief, a dip at the meeting of rivers Ganges and Yamuna, who meet in Alahbad, cleanses them of their sins and brings them to salvation. Already at the opening of the festival thousands of believers washed in the holy water.
For a few months the city prepares to the arrival of millions of believers, and a giant tent city rose around the rivers. 14 temporary hospitals were set up in the area and more than 200 physicians employed around the clock to address the huge crowd. 30,000 police officers and dispatchers are supposed to keep order during the festival.
The festival was officially opened as priests running into the cold water of the Sangam - confluence of the two rivers - when they're naked and smeared with ash. Then, many millions of believers expected as well to wash in cold water.

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