Connection Line - Carmit Weizmans

May 22  – June 8, 2014

in the multidisciplinary artist Carmit Weizmans' solo exhibition 'Connection Line', which opened on May 22, 2014 at Urban Gallery, seeks the artist to closely examine the struggles, conflicts and contradictions in the daily inner soul that resides within us. The exhibition calls us to look closely at the long process - and sometimes exhausting - way to the 'Connection Line'.
33 pieces dimensional varied, from mirrors to steel, and two Video-Art works:
"Mercy" - the struggle of a ship in a storm at sea to keep the center line, which is the mercy line that mediates between the different parts of us and between us and the surrounding.
"Angels" - a war between two spiders that represent the opposing forces working side by side on and off: the positive and the negative, the attractive and the repulsive.
Carmit Weizman, interdisciplinary artist, born in 1971. Lives in Sde Warburg. She studied Art at Beit Berl Art College. Carmit is an artist of a different sort; she creates intuitively. The material speaks to her - the surfaces, spots, shapes. She recoils from advance planning. The authentic talent that flows and tempos in her create a fresh result – in color, pencils or iron, and surprise both the artist are the viewer.



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