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May 3-28, 2012

A little less than a decade ago, the artists Keren Shpilcher and Adam Sher met for a drink at The Saloona Lounge bar in Jaffa. Immediately affected by the bustling atmosphere and unique space around them, the two did not need long to decide that they simply must show their works there. They invited other artists, whose works communicated with the space and each other, to think of a group exhibition. Thus, The Saloona Group was born. One exhibition after another, the group slowly formed itself, with the participants taking an active part in the work process: from formulating the concept, to selecting the works, setting up the exhibition, writing the texts and to signage and PR. Little by little, the group had expanded its reach, and exhibited its works in other spaces, with both artistic and commercial success. The exhibitions were established in various locations, some less conventional than others, including art galleries, shops, stair rooms and streets, each exhibition conceived especially for the space it occupied, and inspired by it.

Photographers, painters, video artists and graphic designers all joined together, as Saloona members, to establish artistic and creative dialogue. Different as they were, it can be said that all of these shared a post-pop approach, corresponding with contemporary popular culture, and a mix of both art and design. In addition, the members of the group strived to sell their work for prices affordable to all, forging a direct, warm and accessible link between those who create art and those who consume it. For this purpose, they set up and produced special sale events, such as the Garage Sale at the Saloona Lounge.

The desire to make art accessible to the public and expand the boundaries of the local discourse created a discussion of issues like commercialism and elitism. The group also made connections with nonprofit organizations via social projects, through which it addressed hot issues, both local and international.  The multitude of jargons and genres in art was a fertile soil for the creative minds of Saloona’s members, helping them maintain mutual interest and curiosity throughout their path. Some of the artists became regular group members, others were temporary passersby.

The artists participating in the exhibition regular group members Keren Shpilcher, Adam Sher, Dadi Lifshitz, Sharon B.H, Ya’el Omer, Ohad Elimelech, René Reznikov Rosenthal and Jewboy.

Various artists who had joined the group for different periods of time, during the years of its existence: Vered Adir, Rima Arslanov, Maya Goldstein, Nathan Dvir, David Vekstein, Meir Tati, Yanai Yechiel, Yuval Kaspi, Shahar Katz, Meital Katz-Minerbo, Sigalit Landau, Lilach Madar, Roee Mordechai, Shahar Marcus, Tali Navon, Sasha Serber, Stacey Covner, Vera Kurmann, Daniel Rosenthal, Guy Sagi, The Dirty Dozen, Noa Tavori and others.

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