Levanon Mordechai

Born in 1901, Romania. Son of a rabbi in Transylvania and worked for many years as an agricultural laborer and later as a construction worker. He discovered painting through his brother who was a painter.

He immigrated to Israel in 1921 and studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and pursued additional studies of painting with Yitzhak Frenkel.
Levanon is considered one of the founding fathers of Israeli art. Like most of the artists in his time, Levanon was enchanted by Israel's illuminating light and its play of colors, which remain a remarkable sign of his oeuvre.
Some sees Levanon as "the Israeli Van Gogh"; similar to Van Gogh in his time, Levanon also yearned after the sublimity in his works; he was a magnificent landscape painter, who used to paint the holy cities of Jerusalem and Sfat. Levanon's paintings have a magical and mystical quality of a world created through a poetic- artistic vision.
In 1937 Levanon held his first one- man exhibition in Tel Aviv and from that year on, he took part in almost every annual collective exhibition of Israeli Artists. Lebanon represented Israel at the Biennale three times and numerous exhibitions in museums in the country. He deceased in Jerusalem in 1968.

Mordechai Levanon 'Safed' Oil on Canvas 74X100 cm. Signed

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  • Price 23999
Mordechai Levanon 'Safed - Aquarelle' 1964 Aquarelle on Paper 70X50 cm. Signed and dated

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  • Price 5800
Mordechai Levanon 'Safed Landscape' 1960-1965 Oil on Canvas 93X67 cm. Signed and dated  

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Mordechai Levanon 'Abstract Landscape' Mixed media on paper 30X24 cm. Signed


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