Bilan Richard

Born in 1946 in Poland.

Bilan, whose life-story nourishes his artistic creation, lives and works simultaneously in three different centers around the world – Tel Aviv, Warsaw, and Paris. His artistic creation stems mainly from his life experience as a boy born in devastated Poland in 1946, to parents who were holocaust survivors. He was then orphaned at a young age, immigrated to Israel alone in the late 60's, and began his studies in Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem without knowing a single word of Hebrew. He received a scholarship and did his Masters in the National Superior School of Decorative Arts in Paris.

His paintings abound with colorful circus-like figures, full of action and movement, while his sculptural works are created in a process of wrapping children's dolls that he collects in shrouds.

Awards & Prizes:
1971 The America-Israel Cultural Foundation prize, Israel
1976 First prize for etching artist, Orly, France
1976 Du Haut-Pavé honour prize, Paris
1988 first prize for wood engravings, Elancourt, France
1991 First prize for graphic artist, Lodge, Poland


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