Adlen Michel


A Jewish painter, born in Skai, Ukraine in 1898. His works belong to the genre called the 'School of Paris' (Ecole de Paris), along with a large number of Jewish artists such as Marc Chagall, Chaim Soutine, Amedeo Modigliani and many.

1915-1922 - Studied art in Vienna. In 1923 he arrived in Paris, where he went through a short cubic period. In 1929, he got French citizenship and started working on illustrations for books and newspapers, in those years it was the main occupation and his only source of income. Gradually, he became part of the Paris art scene. Madeline's landscapes are characterized, by black outlines that distinguish the objects of his background. The result is a unique language of painting ranging from realism to expressionism. The landscapes he painted are mostly French. Michel Adlen died on January 21, 1980 in his studio.

Michel Adlen 'Oil on Board' Oil on Board 20X25 cm. Signed  

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  • Price 1500
Michel Adlen 'Oak Trees' Colored pencils on paper 34X25 cm. Signed  

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  • Price 370
Michel Adlen 'Figures in a Landscape' Aquarelle on paper 27X35 cm. Signed  

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  • Price 1000
Michel Adlen 'Still Life' 1940s Oil on Canvas 40X54 cm. Signed

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  • Price 2800
Michel Adlen 'Landscape' 1940s Oil on Canvas 38X60 cm. Signed

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  • Price 2800


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