Yair Avi

Born 1957, Lives and works in Tel Aviv
As a collage and assemblage artist, Avi Yair is concerned with mixing up worlds and trying to break through the constrained frame of the working surface. Practicing different distances of sight- from the biographic point of view, to social forms of pop culture, to theoretical notions of the world; He seems to go back and forth, from the personal to the generic, from the concrete to the intangible, in a playful manner full of irony and humor.
1980 – 1984 HaMidrasha School of Art, Ramat Hasharon
Solo Exhibitions:
2012 Mostly collage, Rawart Gallery, Tel Aviv
2010 You Are Here, Rawart Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2012 Connected, Villa 1912, Kropelin, Germany
2011 Middle Yeast, Palazzo Sant'Elia, Palermo, Sicily
2010 Heat Wave Catch, Gallery Collection, Rawart Gallery, Tel Aviv
2009 Tuna Cans, Zimmer Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2007 Connected, Altes Museum, Mönchengladbach, Germany
2006 Naked and Bare, Dwek Gallery, Jerusalem
1997 Group Exhibition, Peer Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1994 Objects – Peer Gallery, Tel-Aviv
1993 Blickwechsel, Instant Recognition, Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv
1992 Yefet 28 Art Gallery, Jaffa
1986 Small Sculpture, Kalisher, Tel-Aviv


Avi Yair'Cross Cut (The Eyes of Herzel)' 2012Mixed media on paper64X42X3.5 cm. Signed and dated  

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  • Price 4000
Avi Yair'The City and its Surroundings' 2010Mixed media on paper40X25 cm. Signed and dated  

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  • Price 1800
Avi Yair'The road to Arad 2' 2011Mixed media on paper40X73 cm. Signed and dated  

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  • Price 3500
Avi Yair'World in a Can of Tuna' 2008Mixed media on wood33X22 cm. Signed and dated  

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  • Price 1800
Avi Yair'You Could be Here' 2009Mixed media79X59 cm. Signed and dated  

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  • Price 3500


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